Made in New York, Weather Vest is a mixed wind quartet that explores commonality between classical chamber music, small group jazz, and folk music. 

What began as a collaboration between classical and jazz musicians, evolved to become the flexible hybrid of soprano and alto saxophones with tenor and bass trombones that is Weather Vest.  Our repertoire illustrates a curatorial sensibility in reclaiming and reconstructing older, historical, even forgotten music.  All four members contribute arrangements, ranging from solo piano and classical guitar pieces to the music of symphony orchestras and big bands.  Weather Vest emphasizes a democratic approach toward programming by recategorizing composers, aligning Shostakovich and Erik Satie with Raymond Scott and Thelonius Monk; Hank Williams with Stravinsky and Morton Feldman; among many others.  Creating associations between disparate musical and cultural lineages is central to Weather Vest, linking genres, individual composers, and contemplative questions, both past and present.  Weather Vest’s hope is to render music of the past relevant, meditative, and alive in its relationship to the present.

Our quartet members offer unique expertise and varied experience as performers, educators, composers and arrangers.  As interpreters of new music, our members have performed with highly adventurous groups such as International Contemporary Ensemble, Talea Ensemble, Argento Chamber Ensemble and the Manhattan Saxophone Quartet.  In the field of jazz, Weather Vest members have performed with artists such as Slide Hampton, Tom Harrell, Wynton Marsalis, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Mingus Big Band and Roy Hargrove Big Band.  Classically, our members have performed with The Knights, Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra, American Symphony Orchestra, New York City Ballet and New York City Opera.  The breadth of our collective experience informs the direction of Weather Vest and provides the foundation for our exploration.

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